We encourage players of all ages to shed their sweat in our badminton court. We keep our club courts reserved for club members during badminton play hours including free coaching facility. We offer great floor, fantastic playing equipments and arrangements, which both skilled and learning players can enjoy.

Billiard & Snooker

Our upcoming introduction in sport facility is Billiard & Snooker play at luxurious yet homely atmosphere. The exclusivity of our club is to welcome players of all abilities. So, you can come down anytime to experience the new addition in our sports facility.

Table Tennis

We are very fortunate to have some talented carom players since inception. We are maintaining the steady flow of talent by participating in different carom tournaments. All the carom tables and equipment is finely maintained and serviced.


Are you a card game enthusiast and love socializing? We offer ecstatic ambience where you can play cards and have fun, to revive your stressed out state. You can meet with new people and spend quality time with close ones over a game of cards.


If you are interested in taking part in social sport or leisure activity, dart playing facility of our club can be the ideal option for you. We boast superb facilities for all dart players, including proper lighting and space to meet the Dart playing specification.