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Parlour or Beauty Salon

Our club is ready to make you look and feel good about yourself from both inside and outside with new and improved beauty salon facilities. Indulge in the pampering beauty session to celebrate well-being. The luxury salon is getting a makeover for the members to enjoy the salon and spa to look and feel good. The products used in the parlour are pure natural elements and are ethically sourced. The salon beside the swimming pool gives you a great positive vibe and make you feel fresh and lively.

The CRC unisex salon provides all the technical support required from trusted professionals. The beauticians and the hair stylist are trained, certified experts that make your parlour experience satisfied and enjoyable. You can just leave your worries on the expert professionals, discuss and let them solve your problems. Every kind of hair and skin treatments are available with the CRC’s beauty salon. The amenities provided are great and also trustworthy. Overall, you will surely enjoy the calm atmosphere and services to return to the parlour again and again.