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Play with water... chase your dream

CRC's Swimming Facility
CRC's Swimming Facility
CRC's Swimming Facility


The swimming pool in Calcutta Rowing Club is open to the members from the month of April to September. It is surrounded by the lush green plants and colourful flowers beside the lake. The canopy entrance gives the pool an inviting look that the members love about. The pool is well equipped with changing rooms and showers. Deck chairs are available for a good tan or a lazy afternoon.

Swimming pool facility is available for members and guests. The coach is there to teach you the various strokes in swimming like Freestyle, Breast Stroke, Back Stroke and Butterfly, etc. Separate bathing rooms for ladies & gents are also available for members to freshen up. The crystal clear, chemically treated hygienic waters of the pool beckon many members. From serious swimmers, walking ladies, frolicking children; to the historic ‘Calcutta Rowing Club’ group of swimmers –this area has carved a niche for itself.

Swimming timings and specific regulationsof 2016 are mentioned here and for pricing plans click here

Rules and Regulations for Use of Swimming Pool

  • Do not get into the pool if you are not a swimmer
  • Swimmers must be suitably attired in swimming costumes. No other attire is permitted
  • Please take a shower before entering the pool
  • Diving strictly prohibited
  • Persons with long hair must wear a cap (white in case of swimmers & red in case of non-swimmers)
  • Children below 3 years are not allowed in the pool
  • Management is not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings
  • Ayahs/Drivers/Servants/Attendants are not allowed in the pool area
  • Girls and Ladies are not to enter the pool wearing glass bangles
  • Use of oil or cream of nay nature. Whatsoever before entering the swimming pool is strictly prohibited
  • Dependent members are not entitled to bring guests
  • Members must always accompany their guests in the pool
  • Pets are not allowed in the swimming pool complex
  • Members and guests wearing swimming costumes must restrict their movement within the swimming pool area. Use of any other part of the club premises in swimming costumes is not permitted
  • Chewing of pan masala or beetle leaf is strictly prohibited
  • Consumption of food/drinks not allowed in the pool & its adjoining deck
  • Children under 14 years,are not allowed in the swimming pool after 7.30 pm without a guardian
  • Do not swim beyond the schedule timing
  • Do not swim if you are not fully fit
  • If needed, one may use head & eye gears
  • Our pool water is chemically treated and in isolated cases may cause skin & eye irritation. In such consequences, consult your doctor
  • For any swimming related assistance, kindly contact pool attendant/trainer on duty
  • Best possible care will be taken to avert the accident, but management will not be responsible for such happenings
  • Intake of pool water may cause nausea/vomiting. In such condition, please come out of the pool and ask the attendant for anti-nausea medication. Take rest & breathe fresh air
  • In the pool, watch out for fellow swimmers to avert the accident
  • After swimming take shower with mild anti-septic, anti-bacterial or disinfectant soap for complete skin care
  • Without pool attendant/trainer swimming would be a swimmer’s risk
  • Entries of name and other details must be entered in the register,kept for this purpose